Try, Try, Again

I fully expect to be the only one who reads this blog. It’s true. I don’t have a lot to say about a lot of things. I would like to start keeping track of the things that go on around the house and with the family through out the year though. It really is meant to be a personal blog for me but if anyone else finds it entertaining then that’s a win too. I really think I have to start looking at it that way if I want to actually keep up with this thing.

Today I will show you what is going on around the garden. The rest of the week we will do some updates on the kids, the kitchen, and the house.

In the Garden:

I have the garden up and going. Sort of. The new puppy has dug most of it up but what made it is actually doing farely well. Basil is barely hanging on but my pepper plants and tomato plants are doing well and even have little veggies growing on them. I have lots of squash and pumpkins ready to go out to the garden in the next week.

So I totally forgot to mark my plants! I think this next picture are my mouse mellons. They are tasty little cucumbers that look like tiny watermellons. I can’t wait till we have some so I can show you pictures.

We have peas starting to flower and I have actually already found a few out there. My plants are not growing as tall as they did last year but we have had so much rain that I’m surprised that anything is making it at all.

My lettuce and boc choi have not faired well in the hail but still taste great. I have had a few bug problems but for the most part everything is healthy and happy.

For the frist time ever I tried broccoli. It did great…we didn’t eat it. It makes me so sad but we were so busy when it was ready and the next thing I knew it was flowering. I am going to try it again in the fall.

This WAS my beautiful, huge rosemarry bush. Then Nola the new puppy decided that it is a great place to roll around. She always smells wonderful but the plant is looking really shabby.

Finally this is my sage which is still doing great. Apparently the puppy doesn’t like the smell of it.

This isn’t everything we have growing but it is a lot of it and soon more plants will be out as well.

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I Need a Vacation From Our Vacation!

Have you ever felt that way after a “vacation”? Like you need a vacation from your vacation? I sure feel that way this week.┬áThis pregnancy I have been much more tired than I was last time and it really hit me hard while we were gone.


So, where did we go? We went to Beavers Bend with all of my family. Well everyone but my Dad who ran a pet hotel for everyone while we were gone! Now that guy needs a vacation!


We did all the fun things that you can imagine doing in a cabin. There was marshmallow roasting, boating, bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Haha.


We even went to a petting zoo! Where they had every kind of animal imaginable. Turns out Elliott is not the biggest chicken fan. Boy is that a disappointment to his mother that wants chickens soooooo bad!


That’s camping/forgot the shampoo hair I’m experiencing there. Here’s a tip, if you have curly hair, DO NOT forget your shampoo and conditioner and then take pictures all over the place.


I think that Flint had the most fun at the petting zoo.


We had so much fun but will all the little kids camping is much more for them than it is for the adults. I felt like we spent the whole time making sure no one died!

I have spent the rest of this week catching back up from being gone. There should be a lot more posts here in the next week. I have so many projects going and I have my nesting hormones on high. I can’t wait to share everything going on. Plus the garden has grown like crazy, crazy out of control. So, many more posts on that soon.


In the Kitchen

This has been a bit of a crazy week and I have so many exciting things to post about but we will just start out with a little bit of whats been going on in the kitchen this week.

Some really delicious dinners happened this week with some great greens from our garden! All of these delicious meals where from the last week I have changed us a clean food diet for the next week so I will be posting a lot of food pictures in an attempt to keep myself motivated and in check.

Look for tons of garden updates this week and all kinds of homemade goodies from the kitchen.