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Testing Essential Oils for Cold Soars

I have two different essential oil blends that I am working with to try and speed up the curing of a cold sore I developed over night. I hate cold sores but everyone does so I’ll shut up about that and just get on to the lotions I made. They are super simplistic and most people who have worked with essential oils at all will have everything they need.

Coconut Oil Overnight Lip Lotion

6 drops lemon essential oil 4 drops lavender essential oil 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil 2 tbsp coconut oilI mixed everything up together in this little container and put it by my bedside.

Aloe Vera Soothing Lip Lotion

1 tsp aloe Vera gel

2 drops tea tree essential oil

I mixed this one up and have been using it as a soothing lotion on the outer edge of my lip.

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Fresh This Week

In the Window

Look at my baby basil! How far it has come. This little guy started out as a clipping. I put the clipping in a jar of water for about three weeks until it started to grow little roots and then transferred it to this pot. I have already had to pull a bud off of the top of the plant. I’m hoping that means that I will get a fuller plant. Mine are usually a little leggy.

I also started some parsley in a pot since I had some leftover seeds from last spring. They took forever to sprout but now that they are up and out of the soil they are growing really fast. I don’t use parsley as much as I use cilantro but this will still be a welcome addition to the kitchen garden.

Chamomile! I tried to grow chamomile in the garden last year but it just never sprouted. I tried those same seeds in a pot inside and here they are. They sprouted a while ago and are still only this big. I’m going to thin them out a little and see if I can get a few of them to take off a little bit better. Hopefully homegrown chamomile tea is in my future!

Lastly and most certainly not the most pretty thing going on in the kitchen, SOAP!! That’s right, homemade soap. This was my first attempt and it’s not pretty but it does smell good and feel good. It’s a olive oil, coconut soap. It should be hydrating to the skin. I can’t wait to try it…in two weeks when it’s done curing.