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Seed Starting – My Yearly Attempt

Every year I attempt to start my own plants from seeds for my garden…and every year I fail. Every single time it’s something new. I should have taken the time to sit and document each of these failures. Make a log of things to never let happen again but honestly it is always something new. I haven’t made the same mistake twice yet. This year I am determined to not only not repeat any of those past mistakes but to get these little guys all the way out to the garden! To make this happen lets explore the process and the mistakes and see if I can come up with an actual plan to be successful.

Why do I want to grow my own plants from seed?

I tell you why I want to grow my own plants from seeds. I want to grow my own plants from seeds because I love buying seeds from seed catalogs. There I said it. I love looking at all the pretty pictures and reading all the wonderful descriptions. I love to sit and plan what I think would grow well in our environment. I research and plan and map everything out. It is the most fun part of the entire process for me. It gives me something fun to do in the middle of winter when everything is glum and drab. I get to look forward to some magical time in the middle of summer when it’s warm and the sun is shining down on a beautiful lush garden with all types of rare and heirloom varieties growing to feed our family. Some years I don’t get farther than the dreaming and I wind up at the garden store just grabbing whatever seeds look interesting. Other years my plan makes it all the way to ordering the seeds and planting the flats! This is one of those years.

When and how does it all fall apart?

There are endless reasons why and here are just a few:

  • too busy and it just never gets started
  • too busy and seeds get planted and then take a backseat to everything else
  • we left town and didn’t get anyone to water them
  • I didn’t supply enough light and the plants got too leggy and couldn’t go outside
  • never moved the plants to bigger pots and they just didn’t do well
  • moved the plants outside without preparing them for the new environment
  • moved them outside too small and the dogs trampled them

I’m sure the list could go on and on but that’s why I am here, documenting all these failures in public and hoping that this creates a sense of accountability this year.

What’s my plan for success?

  1. Well like I said, it starts here with accountability.
  2. I put up a fence to keep the dogs and toddler out of the garden.
  3. I invested in better growing equipment and bought everything in advance so that I wouldn’t have any excuses.
  4. I brought my partners in crime on board to help me when things get busy.

Let’s hope this year is my first successful year…