Birds In My Nest

Time for a little birdie report.


Elliott got to bring home his PECS book! It’s almost been two weeks and he has become a master at asking for what he wants. His top wants include watching people play Zelda, Mario Cart 8, and Mario Odyssey. Next in line is definitely going outside to play in the back yard.

IMG_2656 The first day he had his book he asked to go to the park. Of course I had to take him. It was so cute. It was one of the windiest days this spring. I think the wind gusts were around 40mph. He had a blast though.


Flint is also enjoying having his little brother ask him for things with his book. Here they are playing Zelda together.


Elliott’s favorite food to ask for with his book is donut holes. We don’t have them all the time but every once in a while he loves them.

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