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I Need a Vacation From Our Vacation!

Have you ever felt that way after a “vacation”? Like you need a vacation from your vacation? I sure feel that way this week. This pregnancy I have been much more tired than I was last time and it really hit me hard while we were gone.


So, where did we go? We went to Beavers Bend with all of my family. Well everyone but my Dad who ran a pet hotel for everyone while we were gone! Now that guy needs a vacation!


We did all the fun things that you can imagine doing in a cabin. There was marshmallow roasting, boating, bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Haha.


We even went to a petting zoo! Where they had every kind of animal imaginable. Turns out Elliott is not the biggest chicken fan. Boy is that a disappointment to his mother that wants chickens soooooo bad!


That’s camping/forgot the shampoo hair I’m experiencing there. Here’s a tip, if you have curly hair, DO NOT forget your shampoo and conditioner and then take pictures all over the place.


I think that Flint had the most fun at the petting zoo.


We had so much fun but will all the little kids camping is much more for them than it is for the adults. I felt like we spent the whole time making sure no one died!

I have spent the rest of this week catching back up from being gone. There should be a lot more posts here in the next week. I have so many projects going and I have my nesting hormones on high. I can’t wait to share everything going on. Plus the garden has grown like crazy, crazy out of control. So, many more posts on that soon.

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