Try, Try, Again

I fully expect to be the only one who reads this blog. It’s true. I don’t have a lot to say about a lot of things. I would like to start keeping track of the things that go on around the house and with the family through out the year though. It really is meant to be a personal blog for me but if anyone else finds it entertaining then that’s a win too. I really think I have to start looking at it that way if I want to actually keep up with this thing.

Today I will show you what is going on around the garden. The rest of the week we will do some updates on the kids, the kitchen, and the house.

In the Garden:

I have the garden up and going. Sort of. The new puppy has dug most of it up but what made it is actually doing farely well. Basil is barely hanging on but my pepper plants and tomato plants are doing well and even have little veggies growing on them. I have lots of squash and pumpkins ready to go out to the garden in the next week.

So I totally forgot to mark my plants! I think this next picture are my mouse mellons. They are tasty little cucumbers that look like tiny watermellons. I can’t wait till we have some so I can show you pictures.

We have peas starting to flower and I have actually already found a few out there. My plants are not growing as tall as they did last year but we have had so much rain that I’m surprised that anything is making it at all.

My lettuce and boc choi have not faired well in the hail but still taste great. I have had a few bug problems but for the most part everything is healthy and happy.

For the frist time ever I tried broccoli. It did great…we didn’t eat it. It makes me so sad but we were so busy when it was ready and the next thing I knew it was flowering. I am going to try it again in the fall.

This WAS my beautiful, huge rosemarry bush. Then Nola the new puppy decided that it is a great place to roll around. She always smells wonderful but the plant is looking really shabby.

Finally this is my sage which is still doing great. Apparently the puppy doesn’t like the smell of it.

This isn’t everything we have growing but it is a lot of it and soon more plants will be out as well.


Well Hello There!

I’ve started finding some little friends in my garden.

Actually this first guy is quite a large little friend. He has been hanging out in my lettuce leaves for about a week now. He greets me every morning when I go out to pick our greens for the day. I’m already dreading the day that I have to pull up all the remaining lettuce and he looses his happy little home. I can only hope that when that day comes the other plants in the adjacent beds have become large enough to offer him a welcoming new home.


I’m not actually sure what this next little guy is. I know when we were kids we called them inch worms. Where did he come from and what will he become. I’m assuming this is just a middle stage of his development. As cute as he is I have had to give up a portion of my basil and spinach to his hungry little belly. Not ideal but he and his buddies aren’t so numerous as to be a problem…yet. I’m going to look into organic and ethical ways to deter these little guys from eliminating my basil.


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Oh How My Garden Grows!

This is meant to be a weekly segment to show the progress and evolution of my garden beds over the rest of this year.

Edible Garden Bed #1

I’m so proud of this first bed! The sage, rosemary, and chives are holdovers from last year that over wintered very well in the bed. I have already drastically cut back the sage and it is taking over again. I will have to rein it in again this weekend.

There are six small basil plants in there that I grew from seeds. They are one of the plants I am so proud of because I was actually able to grow them from seed and transplant them into the garden. They seem pretty happy but aren’t growing quite as quickly as the other plants in the bed.

You can’t see them at all because they are hiding under the turnip greens but there are beautiful little Tom Thumb lettuce heads in there too. The turnips have really taken off and I plan on harvesting them tomorrow and roasting them for lunch.

There are two tomato plants in the back that are starting to take over. With them are a few kale plants. I actually thought the kale would do a lot better but I may have hindered them with the tomatoes. Lastly there is the spinach. I have have some little caterpillars munching away on it so I will probably just pull it soon. When I replant I will make sure to spray them with some type of natural bug repellent.

Edible Garden Bed #1

Edible Garden Bed #2

This bed while not as full will be soon enough. I have four bell pepper plants and two hot pepper plants. Those still need it to get a little warmer before they really take off. I also have four cucumber plants. those may get out of control and need to be thinned out even more but for now I am letting them spread their legs. The peppers and the cucumbers were all grown from seeds and transplanted. The lettuce and the peas in the bed were sown in the bed at the end of April. We have been eating the lettuce but I’m not sure we will get any peas this year. It’s getting hot pretty fast this year.

Edible Garden Bed #2

Edible Garden Bed #3

This bed was mostly planted this last weekend. The only thing that was planted previously were the pole beans. They are still pretty small. The zucchini and the yellow squash are starting to sprout. Just two more plants to go. The other plants we seeded last weekend were the mouse melons and the ground cherries. They are a little slower to sprout. Hopefully over the next couple days I see them start to show themselves.

Edible Garden Bed #3

I can’t wait to check back next week and see what we have. I will also update the containers at that time so I can get an idea of how well they are progressing.

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In The Kitchen, At The Table

The garden has finally made it’s way to the table! Lettuce from the garden has started appearing on our plates. The spinach has made it’s way there too.

The salad below is made with the Tom Thumb and Loose Leaf from our garden. It’s topped with grilled pineapple and onions, feta cheese, and a squeeze of lime. I also grilled a pork tenderloin to go with it.


This meal was really good! It was pesto and panko crusted chicken thighs with a spinach salad from our garden. The spinach was topped with feta, cucumbers, black olives and a greek vinaigrette.


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Container Gardening

Container gardening is not something I am good at. I don’t understand how those luscious looking pots at the garden store are made. Never the less I try every year to grow plants in pots and this year is no different.

The three pots above contain some baby herbs. There are a few basils, an Italian parsley, sage, and thyme. They are so small and growing at such a show clip I’m not sure the pots will ever look full.

The next two containers are planted with Lizzano tomatoes. The variety is supposed to grow well in containers. I surely have fingers crossed because we eat a lot of tomatoes in our house. In our area it takes tomatoes a very long time to start producing. This is mostly because the temperatures get too hot almost from the start for them to pollinate… or so I have been told.

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Mother’s Day

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I had the most wonderful Mother’s Day. My boys worked hard all afternoon in the heat while I lounged on a blanket! The front bed is planted now. Even better I have everything for my summer vegetable garden planted and some additional flower pretties for my backyard. This is the earliest we have ever had everything done and I am so excited to see how everything grows and transforms. There will be so much to learn from this year that can be applied to future gardens and landscapes. It’s all so exciting.

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